Cleaning & Polishing

Jewellery will naturally oxidize and the original shine will gradually disappear. To restore the original shine, each jewellery piece will be inspected for any major wear, polished, steam cleaned, and placed in the Ultrasonic.

Ring Resizing

We will work with you to determine the right size and comfortability.

Shank Replacement

If your shank is worn down, thin, cracked, or even broken. We can help you inspect it and give you insight what is required to restore to it's original form.

Adjusto Shanks

Adjusto shanks is a great option for people who have problems getting their rings over their knuckles. Common user case is if you have arthritis.

Stone Setting

We have 30 years of of experience in the art of stone setting. The stone will be set in it's most beautiful state but without sacrificing the security of it.

Retipping Claws

We can inspect the claws on your ring in order to prevent losing stones in the future.

Custom Made

If you want something unique, custom made is for you. Come in for a consultation and we can explore your ideas.

Rhodium Plate (Ring Refinishing)

Are your rings losing it's original finish? Come speak to us for free consultation. We can help you restore it to it's original form.

Watch Battery Replacement & Band Adjustment

If your watch battery stopped, we can help you replace it. Is your band too tight or too loose? We can help you adjust the band links accordingly.


We can solder certain silverware such as broken parts of teapots.

Eye Glasses & Sunglasses

We can repair certain eye glasses and sunglasses whether it be broken frames or nose pads.